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Aims and Values


Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a community where individuals feel valued, safe and respected, are supported to develop resilience and determination, and are inspired to a lifelong passion for learning.


We value: Compassion, Integrity, Justice and Wisdom
• We believe that every individual in our community should be treated with dignity, kindness and respect, and we value and recognise the contribution of every member of our community
• We believe that young people should be supported to acquire the academic, vocational, personal and interpersonal skills required to become lifelong learners, problem solvers and creative thinkers, and as a community we work hard to maintain our tradition of high achievement and academic attainment.
• We believe that young people should be globally and environmentally aware, and supported to understand, develop, and demonstrate the values associated with moral and ethical conduct so that they may contribute fully as a member of a democratic society.
• We believe that individuals should have the courage to accept responsibility for their actions and decisions and we encourage this ethos through restorative approaches.
• We believe that respectful communication is essential, and as a community we work hard to foster and promote good mutual communications
• We strive to be a happy, self-motivated community with excellent leadership at every level
• We work hard to develop and maintain our strong links with the Kirriemuir community


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School Holidays

A list of school holiday dates can be accessed here: Angus Council School Holidays