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As Rector of the school it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Webster's High. Webster’s has been the burgh school of Kirriemuir and the Glens for more than 150 years and we are proud of our history and tradition of service to the local community.

In 2007 a visit by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate led to a report which commented very favourably on many aspects of the school’s work, including our close involvement with the local community. One very visible example of this partnership is the all-weather sports facility, opened in August 2009, which was the result of a tremendous community fund raising effort supported by Angus Council and Sports Scotland. Another is the creation in 2011 of a War Memorial in the school for former pupils who sacrificed their lives for their country during the Second World War. We hope that a First World War memorial will be constructed in 2014.

This Handbook provides information about our school for parents whose children will soon be making the transfer from primary school, or from other secondary schools. We hope you will find here the answers to many of your questions about the practical aspects of primary- secondary transfer, the secondary curriculum, and the organisation and administration of the school. But a Handbook cannot take the place of personal contact between the home and school. That is still the most important form of communication. For this reason we encourage parents to visit the school and find out more about us. Please do not hesitate to telephone or write for an appointment.

Finally, we hope that, when you read this Handbook with your children, they will feel welcome and that some of the fears they may have at the prospect of transferring to secondary school will be replaced with feelings of pleasant anticipation.

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